Sunday, January 22, 2012

Two new vehicles added!

I've added the Traxxas Villain IV and Hawk to the webpage (links above). Please feel free to read the write-up and check out the pictures. Also, I love to hear from other Traxxas fans so comment or email me with additional information or just to share stories. Thanks again and enjoy!


  1. Hi, I remember the first Cat that I saw and had to work on, there are some big differences between it and the ones that are shown here. 1. The one I worked on did not have a discreet receiver or servos, instead it had a circuit board for the receiver and sone motorized gearboxes for the servos. 2. The speed control was very similar to the Tamiya style used on the Hornet and Grasshopper. Bruce

  2. Hey, do you still keep this blog updated? It'd be awesome to see you continue your work!

  3. I think this website rules. Are you going to update it?