Saturday, January 15, 2011

The first 10 years of Traxxas as I know it:

From everything I can find, the Traxxas brand began selling production RC cars in 1987.  The list below was lifted from a forum online.  I've made some slight changes to it over the last year or so and used it as a guideline for my effort.  If anyone can provide additional information or corrections, I'm all ears. I'm not attempting to be a definitive source for vintage Traxxas information, but rather trying to help put one together. To date, here is what I've found:

1987 Cat, Fiero
1988 Bullet
1989 Villain IV (boat), Sledgehammer, Radicator, Hawk
1990 Blue Eagle, TRX eagle
1991 Blue Eagle LSTRX-1
1992 Hawk 2Nitro Hawk
1993 LS-2TRX-3, Nitro BuggyNitro StreetMonster Buggy
1994 SRT, Traxxas RustlerStampede
1995 SpiritBlast (boat), TCPBanditNitro Vee
1996 Nitro Stampede
1997 Street SportNitro Rustler, TRX Pro 15, TQ Radio

???? The mystery of the Wildcat!

I will be posting blogs per year with additional information, details about my finds and questions which I have for each year and/or model.  Stayed tuned and wish me luck in filling the gaps in my collection! 

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